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WHAB Radio's studios are located in Rm. 112N in the Acton-Boxborough  Regional High School.  WHAB also broadcasts periodically throughout the day from 8:00 am - 2:18 pm, however any content aired during the school day is not associated with content aired after school*.  If any student or students would like to have a show on WHAB Radio, they can contact the station by emailing Mr. Drinkwater (Studio Manager) at ddrinkwater@abschools.org.

*This content is produced by media classes provided through the school and is unaffiliated with after-school broadcasts

Our Partners

Arkhen Network Records
A music-promotion Youtube channel focused on EDM
Arkhen Network Radio
(Available on Youtube and Soundcloud at Arkhen Network Records)

Nerds & Co.
A nerdy news and entertainment channel focused on comic-related media
and video games
Continuity: The Podcast/Continuity: On Air
(Available on Youtube and Soundcloud at Continuity and Continuity: The Podcast respectively)